• Forex trading: An Introduction to Regressive Trading

    Forex trading: An Introduction to Regressive Trading

    Forex trading Australia can be an extremely difficult financial world to get into. Trading in currencies isn’t as simple or as straightforward as what many believe it to be because there is much more to it. However, when you know what you’re doing, it can be easy to understand and trading doesn’t seem complicated but when you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s impossible to trade successfully.

    What Is Regressive Trading?

    Regressive trading is when someone tries to use a counter move. A regressive trade is basically when a trader uses a counter move on one particular stock in hope the price will increase or go back to the original amount. Regressive trading in the Australia trading stocks market is actually used frequently and it is quite popular with many traders as well. This tactic is used often especially when stocks are on the decline.

    Is Regressive Trading A Good Idea?

    Thousands of people look at regressive trading in the Forex trading Australia market because it’s a fairly good option. Most people do seem to believe that they are going to avoid taking a big loss on their trades and look at this option. However, it can at times be a hit and miss option. Some traders can find the counter move doesn’t actually work for them but some find … Read more...

  • How to Buy Penny Stocks (for Beginners)

    How to Buy Penny Stocks (for Beginners)


    Some people simply do not know what penny stocks are. Although the name does not call much attention, the penny stocks are a great opportunity for people to earn lots of money by simply spending a dollar here and there. The commodity brought when trading penny stocks is simply great: This is the perfect stock market opportunity for those who do not have a lot to spend.

    What are Penny stocks

    Whether your currency comes in dollars, pound or yen you will be able to do your day trade. The penny stocks are anything that cost less than $5 dollars. In the forex world you can easily buy your penny stocks with your common forex broker whether or not it is part of a bigger market. Although this kind of investment is quite small it is quite volatile. You can earn a lot and at the same time lose a lot of money in a single blow. So why would people do any investing in something that offer so many risks? Well, the answer is also volatility (floating). Some stocks that you can buy for cents can have a very good increase in value in a matter of weeks. For example, something you buy for 10 cents can become $10 dollars in a matter of weeks. This is what … Read more...

  • The Major Differences between Forex Trading and Share Trading

    The Major Differences between Forex Trading and Share Trading

    Its common for people in most cases to confuse between Forex trading and Share trading, but in really sense of practice and industry these two seem to be the same in one way or another. The similarities and characteristics are common but then if one is able to examine the two trades, there major differences between them. Such differences are based on the following sections or factors;

    Trading Hours

    Forex and share trade operate on a specific and strict schedule. This schedule defines each of the trade and differentiates them amicably. In most cases stock markets operate for a maximum of 8 hours, then it close until the following morning when it opens again for trading. The Australian Securities Exchange is an example of stock market trade schedule as it opens at 10 am Sydney time and closes at around 9:30 pm same time, but on the other hand Forex trading is able to trade 24hours a day, all year in three shifts. The shifts are the United States of America hours, The Asian hours and the European hours, which incidentally do not overlap hence allowing an all day trading.

    Trading Marketplace

    Forex trade is incidentally over the counter services as they have no boundaries or any other geographical ties. Hence, Forex trading can be done from anywhere in the … Read more...

  • Determining Your Risk When Spread Betting the Forex Markets

    Determining Your Risk When Spread Betting the Forex Markets

    Forex trade just like stock market trading is a risky business that in one way or another may lead a loss of income or earning of income. Therefore risk determination is well much essential so to be able to regulate you losses and increase income. Determining your risk when spread betting in the Forex markets is a common practice among newbie in Forex trade, the process is the most effective method trading, either currency exchange commonly known as Forex trading or stock trading. Even for a new person in Forex trading, one should be able to have a certain level of financial markets, how they work by making an investment and hoping that it will go up. Therefore, to achieve that spread betting helps you out to narrow down your expectations through a simple and tax free process of market trading. Simply spread bets are a traditional method of trading with the basis principle of sell or buy objective.

    Spread betting at the same time is a form of leverage trading whereby with a small investment outlay you can achieve a higher position in the Forex exchange market. But at the same time you ca make a lot of losses as it is in making huge profits, hence its essential I managing your risks when spread betting. But then … Read more...

  • Trading Forex Using a Currency ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

    Forex trading is indeed taken a huge following in the recent days. As stock trading become more complex to trade on and with much speculations and corporate ethics on the line, most traders these days have trusted Forex trading a great deal. Forex trading itself is a much simpler and easier trade to understand. Even so as Forex trading giving a sweet deal to major traders, its more risky than stock markets. For example maybe you are an investor with European stocks, even if the European currency is admirably sound, but there are concerns about the euro zone financial crisis and debt crisis that may lead to a falling euro. One major hedge against any of the cases is to short sell the euro against the dollar, but this transaction involves placing an order in the Forex exchange market which is in every way risky and in most cases leveraged. But then with currency ETFs you problem could solved easily. Currency exchange traded funds are able to provide a distinctively simple solution for the problem, hence by tracking currencies by the use of cash deposits or rather future contracts could lead to investors gaining exposure to one or the other currencies without being hit by risks that are associated with the Forex markets.

    How it works

    As presented above, …

  • 3 Ways You Can Use the Average True Range (ATR) Indicator

    3 Ways You Can Use the Average True Range (ATR) Indicator

    As Forex trading is changing currency and commercial markets, over time we have seen a number of trade tools created. In most cases we have seen a number of them as being ultimate lies and fake systems that have defrauded and put financial holes on investors. In particular ponzi schemes, get rich systems and formulas have all proved that Forex trading does not exactly rely on any exponential systems.

    Hence, most traders are weary of such systems have stuck on the traditional speculative means of trading. But on return the Average true range commonly referred to as ATR has proved to provide at least a linear understanding towards successful Forex trading. A Forex Trading Indicator helps you for easy trading. Average true range is an indicator that measures technical volatility of commodities. It was developed by J. Wilder Jnr. It should be noted that the ATR indicator does not in any way provide price trend indications but measures the degree of price volatility; it’s an N-day exponential average. Proper understanding of the use and calculation could help achieve one step towards future price indications. The basic principles about the ATR is that its plotted basically below the main price window. Interpretation is done by identifying its levels, when the range is high then the volatility is also high. The … Read more...

  • Forex Pips Trading Indicator

    Forex Pips Trading Indicator

    Trading Foreign Currencies (Forex) is becoming more popular every single day. It is one of the few investment vehicles that can turn you into a millionaire in a short period of time. The best part is you can become extremely wealthy trading Forex pips without having to have a huge amount of cash to start with or can open a demo account to practice with it, because you get leverage to trade with. On the downside, there are hundreds of people everyday who lose everything. This is unfortunate since it really is an easy thing to just learn a few specific principles and techniques. Finding a few Forex trading indicator can make a world of difference.

    As in all investments you must be disciplined in your trading. Pick a strategy and stick with, don’t let fear or greed persuade to switch horse midstream, or you will either drown or lose your horse. Neither is a good thing. Knowing when to get in and out of trades is the secret to any wealth growing system and this is no different. As I said earlier, trading Forex pips is one of the fastest ways to acquire wealth in this world but you must be disciplined and focused.

  • Currency Trading Tips for Huge Gains

    Currency Trading Tips for Huge Gains

    There are many Forex Advisors which are available online and these Forex robots can be easily bought by those who trade in currency. These robots ensure that one can make huge gains and that too without making any efforts. Currency trading for sure is very profitable but there are many people who enter the trading scenario without any prior knowledge of the strategies that are needed so that they can earn profits. There are some strategies which will help them to earn profits while trading.You can learn detailed video training about forex here

    The most important thing to be kept in mind is the money management. It is very essential to know when to enter and when to exit the trading in Forex trading online. Without this one will never be able to trade profitably. One should know the exact place where they should enter trading and where they should exit it. One should exit at the point when the profit earned is at risk.

    Currency Trading Tips for Huge Gains

    One important strategy that one needs to learn is that of free trading and this is possible in currency trading. These free trades can be very beneficial if one has managed to roll up their stocks to the point of break even. One can learn how to roll up their stocks in many ways … Read more...


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